Forever The Sickest Kids Interview

Forever The Sickest Kids Interview

Forever The Sickest Kids have just finished touring the UK with You Me At Six and We The Kings. We caught up with Jonathan and Kent just before they took to the stage in Manchester.

So, up until 2006, you guys were in two separate bands, Been Bradley and The Flipside. Tell us about how you became FTSK instead.
J: Well one of our band members, Kent, came to us and said his friend wanted to try out. Turned out that was Caleb and we didn’t try anyone else out – it was perfect.

Rumour has it that when you put Hey Brittany online, it started a bidding war between record companies. How did that song come about, and why do you think it sparked so much interest?
J:At the time, rock bands weren’t really using the synth element…I think Hey Brittany was just different from what other acts were doing.

Woah oh (Me Vs Everyone) is something of an anthem on the UK alternative scene. Did you envisage that when you recorded it?
K: Oh wow, really?
J: That’s great, we didn’t realise.
K: It was kinda inspired by the 80s, we just had fun writing it, so it’s cool that you like it over here.

You took the headline slot on some of Cobra Starship’s here in the UK. How did the crowd react? Were they disappointed not to see Cobra Starship?
J: Well we were already on the tour…
K: ….but the kids were great, really enthusiastic. I think they enjoyed it even though they didn't get to see Cobra Starship!

Last year you released a deluxe edition of your debut album. Why did you do that? What’s different?
J: Well we got to include some extra songs that we wanted people to hear…not enough for a whole other album, but stuff we thought the fans would enjoy.
K: Yeah it's got a whole other disc with videos on too, it's nice to be able to include them and give the fans something extra.

And to follow up that album you’re now releasing three EP s. What made you decided to do that?
K: We just wanted to do something different. This way the fans get to get excited for three releases instead of one! And no-one else is doing that.

You’ve also done songs for Punk Goes Crunk and Punk Goes Classic Rock. How did you get involved in those projects?
J: The record company actually approached us to do it and we were excited…Men In Black is still one of our most requested songs!

Who chose the tracks you contributed?
Both: All of us!

So how is being on the road with Britain’s own Youmeatsix, and We The Kings? Is it one big party?
K: Touring in general or this tour?
J: I think we have a good balance. We take what we do seriously but we like to have fun with it.

While we’re on the subject of being on the road, what happened in Philadelphia when you played The Theatre of the Living Arts? We heard the police were involved…
J: Rumours?
K: Oh no…another band parked their van illegally…we weren’t involved!

Glasswerk always like to finish with one question – can you lend us a fiver?
J: Is this a fiver? (Gives a high five)

It’s actually a five-pound note…but thankyou!

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