Bombay Bicycle Club Interview

Bombay Bicycle Club Interview

With 2000 Trees Festival just around the corner, we caught up with Ben from Bombay Bicycle Club to discuss his plans for the festival.

2000trees festival showcases the best in British new music. What are your favourite up and coming British bands or artists at the moment?

We are all big fans of a band called Dutch Uncles. We have played a few shows with them and they are always exiting to see live.
There is another band from Oxford called Jonquil that we are following. We have not seen them live yet, butthey are amazing on record and we have invited them to play some shows with us.

Have you ever been to 2000trees before, if so what have been your highlights from previous years?

We have never been to 2000trees before. But we are very exited to come for the first time and play.

Who is your favourite British band of all time?

The Beatles… but i guess they are my favorite band ever. I have been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin recently, they are one of the best british bands ever.

What are your plans for your performance at 2000trees?

We don't normally plan out gigs. We just have a good time and hope every one else does. We will be playing some new songs from our second album.

Which other artists are you and your fans looking forward to seeing, at this year at 2000trees festival?

Metronomy, we went to see them in camden two years ago and they were amazing. Lofi Culture Scene are always good live aswell.

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