Hockey Interview

Hockey Interview

The sold out Latitude festival is in its Fifth edition. Following the theme we asked here’s 5 interview questions to Ben Grubin from Hockey who are appearing at this year’s festival!

1. When you think of Latitude what 5 words spring to mind?
Fireworks, Music, Chaos, Vampire bats and clouds.

2. If you could only see one performance at this year's festival what would it be?
Florence and the machine

3. What 5 items will you be bringing to Latitude?
Science book, Sun screen, Sun hat, Sun glasses and an Umbrella.

4. Do you have anything special planed for your performance at Latitude?
We are going to play some new songs. Or if anyone needs to propose to someone, or something like that, from stage, that's always OK with us.

5. Latitude is 5 years old, how did you celebrate your fifth birthday?
A baseball game in Central Park.

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