The Dangerous Summer Interview

The Dangerous Summer Interview

The Dangerous Summer travelled from Ellicott City, Maryland to Liverpool, UK as part of the Give It A Name Introduces… tour. Laura Johnson and Lauren Felton caught up with AJ Perdomo (vocals and bass) before they went on stage to see how their first trip to the UK was going.

GW: So, ok… how did the band get the name?
AJ: It actually comes from an Ernest Hemmingway novel called The Dangerous Summer.

GW: Why’d you pick that one?
AJ: Well, I love the author and I’ve never really read the book but it just kind of fit so, I went with it. It kind of fit me at the time, it was just that we all got together this one summer and did it so we though The Dangerous Summer.

GW: So, you were solely responsible for the name?
AJ: Yeah, I put in there and they were like “it’s cool” so we went with it. It worked out good.

GW: You all get on well then? There’s no in fighting?
AJ: yeah, yeah, yeah, no! Nothing like that!

GW: Shame, we wanted gossip. So, what do you think of The Swellers?
AJ: They’re awesome, I love them. Do you guys love them?
GW: Yeah.
AJ: They’re awesome. I want to tour with them in America. We have the same manager as them so…

GW: So, this isn’t like a The Dangerous Summer tour, you’re here as a group….
AJ: Yeah, yeah, we’re all travelling round together. There’s two UK bands and three American bands, and it’s definitely the Give It A Name Introduces… tour. So, it’s fun.

GW: Would you rather it was your tour or are you happy the way it is?
AJ: I’m happy the way it is because we’re, you know. We all kind of draw the same; we all kind of bring our own people to the show so it’s awesome. Like I think if we headlined not as many people would come out and it kind of rotates other bands get the chance to play last and stuff so that’s ok.

GW: Can you tell, honestly, who’s here to see you?
AJ: When people come and see us, like in Bristol, it was just awesome. Lots of them were singing along and it was awesome. We didn’t expect, but yeah you can pick out the people that are there to see you. People buy merch too which is cool. Some people have come out to see us so we’re happy with that. UK is cool.

GW: You get a good reception over here then?
AJ: Yeah, definitely a lot better than we thought we’d get so we’re happy about that. It’s awesome.

GW: So, after you play a show, do you all go out together or do you all go to bed?
AJ: Erm… it depends; if it’s a good show and we’re all pumped we get drunk you know. We’re usually drunk every night actually.

GW: Do you all go out together, like all the bands or just your band?
AJ: Yeah, yeah usually. We’re sharing a van with Anarbor so we’re always with them. The Swellers, we always try and join them out. Ah, it’s pretty much everyone having a good time. We usually party at the venue late and then head out and see where it goes you know.

GW: Is there any kind of UK/US divide?
AJ: It’s funny because we kind of broke the ice with the whole accent thing. Making fun of differences you know. It’s so different; it’s crazy how different you guys have it than us.

GW: Like what differences?
AJ: I don’t know. Like, flip cup that you don’t play, and we play beer pong, were you throw ping pong balls into cups. All sorts of things like that. I don’t know… the plugs are different *laughs*. It’s cool, I like it. I’ve been trying to master the accent.

GW: Go on, give us a blast.
AJ in the worst Dick Van Dyke style English accent: Ello popcorn!
GW: You should probably try a scouse accent.
AJ: What?
GW: Do you know what a scouser is? It’s people from Liverpool.
AJ: Oh yeah, sometimes I can’t understand your accents. It’s different from everywhere else we’ve been.

GW: Last question, can you lend us a fiver?
AJ: What does that mean?!
GW: It's not improtant, thanks for your time.

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