The Xcerts Interview

The Xcerts Interview

The Xcerts are gearing up to play the brilliant 2000 Trees festival alongside some heavyweights as Frank Turner. We caught up with Jordan Smith from The Xcerts to see how he was feeling.

1. 2000trees festival showcases the best in British new music. What are your favourite up and coming British bands or artists at the moment?
There are some really great Scottish bands making music right now, some of whom we've had the pleasure of sharing stages with: Copy Haho from Stonehaven are a really fun kind of pavement-party band, Kristoffer Morgan makes really pretty saddle-creek pop music and Flood of Red provide the weighty melancholia that we all secretly need and want in our lives.

2. Have you ever been to 2000trees before, if so what have been your highlights from previous years?
This will be our first time at 2000 trees. Over the years i think it's become a fairly established alternative to the usual rock-fairs, and it's a pleasure to be a part of it.

3. Who is your favourite British band of all time?
Iron Maiden maybe? They're a band right? They do that one that goes “oohhhh, ohhhhh, oohhhhhhh…” classic songwriting.

4. What are your plans for your performance at 2000trees?
We plan to play music, for the enjoyment of the spectators. The music will be in unison that is, played together, at the same time. Unison-rock.

5. Which other artists are you and your fans looking forward to seeing, at this year at 2000trees festival?
Festivals can get a little hectic sometimes, you don't always get to see the bands you want. Thankfully every band on our stage is great so I don't have to move at all. Frank Turner is on our label, he's obviously great, or he wouldn't be on our label. Pulled Apart By Horses, Crazy Arm, And So I Watch You From Afar are pretty sick. I hate competing on stages with super-heavy bands, it's the equivalent of the older guys in the changing rooms at school, completely terrifying. Basically if you leave feeling emasculated, we did our jobs.

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