Bring Me The Horizon Interview

Bring Me The Horizon Interview

Bring Me The Horizon are set to have a busy year with a new album and touring. We managed to get some feedback on the band's current state of afairs from guitarist Jona Weinhofen.

So is the release of your third album exciting for you?
Yes, this album is sort of the biggest test for us. We've released the first album which gets people interested, we've released the anticipated follow up with better production and a more mature sound and now with this 3rd record we've had a lot of opportunities to experiment with different sounds and influences and again have had to step it up on the production side of things so we have a lot riding on this record.

Will you be off on a full tour to promote the album?
We have a short UK tour in September to release the album and the London and Manchester dates both sold out within hours! We're taking our good friends Cancer Bats and Tek-One on the run with us. The first tour we do after the album comes out however is actually in Australia which is my home country, so that’s super exciting for me. My friends and homeland fans will be the first to see full performances of new songs.

Is it exhausting to finish an album and then having to hit the road to perform – or do you find it exciting to get out of the studio and out to the fans?
We've actually planned our time pretty well so that we all have around a month vacation before we head back out on the road again. Some of us will just spend some time at home with friends and family, I’m spending a week in Egypt and then heading back to Australia for a few weeks before we begin the warped tour this summer in the USA.

Having played our last gig in november we're all getting to that stage where we're starting to itch to get back out on the road again, especially to perform our arsenal of new material!

6 years so far – what has been a memorable live performace for you, or venue?
For me personally and I think I can speak for the other guys too when I say that our first gig in Mexico City was one of the most insane so far. It’s our biggest headline show to date boasting a sold out crowd of 3500 people! Not bad for our first visit there. The fans were insane too! A few of us went into the crowd and came back on stage with shoes stolen and our t-shirts literally ripped off our backs!!!

How much have you heard about the new festival Sonisphere (this being its second year) you have signed up to appear at?
All we know is that a few amazing bands are playing this year and we're totally stoked we're able to share the stage with heroes such as Iron Maiden and Slayer is going to be a dream come true. We're also flying straight from the USA's warped tour taking 3 days off to play Sonisphere and then flying straight back to the U.S. to finish the tour!

How excited are you about playing there?
I’ve heard it’s a very well run festival with great catering and activities for the band so hopefully we'll have a good time. Festivals like that always turn into a huge backstage party too!

What might you be getting up to when you are not on stage playing?
I just got my motorbike license so hopefully going for a burn on a bike. We're also signed up for a huge signing so I’m sure we'll all have sore arthritic wrists after that one.

Anyone you’d like to meet there?
Looking forward to hanging out with Madina Lake's hair, the dudes from Rammstein's stunt double dicks from their pussy video and the Siren's tits.

Sonisphere 2010 in the Uk takes place at Knebworth on July 21st-Augst 1st.

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