Sonic Boom Six Interview

Sonic Boom Six Interview

Sonic Boom Six are gearing up to hit 2000trees Festival soon and we caught up with them to see just how excited they were and what they were looking forward to about this festival.

2000trees festival showcases the best in British new music. What are your favourite up and coming British bands or artists at the moment?
Well, some may call me biased but the artists on our Rebel Alliance Recordings are obviously, to us, the best up and coming bands around. The Skints are reggae-punk from London and are going on tour with the Slackers in Europe very soon. Mouthwash are currently doing the whole King Blues tour and they're indie-ska from London. Random Hand are metallic Ska-Core from Keighley and many music fans might have seen them as they have gigged so hard over the last few years. And we've just started working with a band called Dirty Revolution from Cardiff who are awesome.
So I think the best up and coming bands in the UK are those bands right there. But otherwise I really dig Crazy Arm on XTra Mile Recordings and there is a band from Bristol called Gecko who are really cool.

Have you ever been to 2000trees before, if so what have been your highlights from previous years?
I have not. Whatever my highlight is this year will be my highlight of previous years if you ask me next year. I'm getting a bit old and afraid of mud for festivals but I can still turn it on every now and then.

Who is your favourite British band of all time?
I'd have to say the Specials. It's kind of a hard one between them and the Clash but it's got to be the Specials from the message to the tunes to the imagery to the label. They've been a huge influence on stuff that has been a huge deal to me such as the Prodigy, Blur, Asian Dub Foundation and the Streets and also so many of the American bands I loved in my teens like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Rancid and No Doubt.

What are your plans for your performance at 2000trees?
We've got a new line-up and new things happening in terms of samples and synths so being able to take that onto a festival stage is an exciting thing for us and it's a development and a challenge we're looking forward to putting the new line-up through. I guess to be able to surpass our previous festival performances are our plans but specifically that involves us creating a fun environment and playing a soundtrack for people to enjoy themselves and dance. It's never an exact science but it's always interesting and we've always been known as a band that can get people moving.

Which other artists are you and your fans looking forward to seeing, at this year at 2000trees festival?
Frank Turner and Crazy Arm. I might watch 65 Days of Static too if I get the chance!

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