Gallows Talk Bizarre Ball And Sonisphere

Gallows Talk Bizarre Ball And Sonisphere

We are in the summer season now for festivals and all manner of open air concerts. Once band in particular that has grabbed out attention recently are Gallows. This very weekend will see them headlining the Bizarre Ball, and then the following day they will be supporting Rage Against The Machine for their Finsbury Park show.

Gallows will continue to support Rage again and then will continue on their European tour. But they arer back in the UK to headline a stage at Sonisphere.

Drummer Lee Barratt took a few Q’s from us in relation to what they have coming up.

You have had a busy year with touring- and it isn’t over yet… How do
you all feel about now?

We're pretty happy with what we've got coming up. We've been fortunate enough to get a lot of offers for festivals we've always wanted to play and we're getting to visit Scandinavia, Portugal & Spain for the first time as a band. Having a few days break between each festival is good for us too as we like to put so much in to our performances, especially when we're playing a country where we are still a new band to a lot of the fans.

How did you guys get involved for this year’s Bizarre Ball taking place
in June?

As far as I know, we were just asked by the magazine to provide the main musical entertainment for the night. I guess they'd heard of our reputation as a slightly controversial and intense band so we'd be perfect for the Bizarre Ball which has always been a very left field magazine. Maybe they were just looking for a band with a lot of tattoos too??

You are the headline act – but there any other attractions on offer
this year in the mad cabaret that is the Bizarre Ball. Will you guys be
checking out the wide variety onstage?

I'm sure we'll have a look around and see what's going on before we play. Some of the sights may be a bit too much for my weak stomach to handle so I may just stick to a bar with a few drinks and keep out the way!

You are also playing Sonisphere as well – how much are you looking
forward to that event?

It's going to be cool and our first time at the festival as we missed the debut of it last year while we was playing on Warped tour. It's nice to be closing our stage on the Saturday night and it should get pretty crazy in there! I think Sick Of It All play on our stage too the same day so I'm looking forward to seeing them.

There are some pretty big acts there – anyone in particular you are
excited to see or even meet?

If I get the chance then I definitely want to see Rammstein – I've heard their live show is unreal. We're pretty lucky and have met near enough everyone we've always wanted to meet so just to hang out with a bunch of our friends again at Sonisphere will make it even better.

Have there been any highlights for you this year so far?
Soundwave Festival in Australia was probably the best festival we've ever played so that was a definite highlight. We were treated amazingly well and the fans over there were way more in to the band then we ever thought they would be. There was also a ton of bands we've toured with over the years on the line up so it felt like one big holiday with your friends!

What’s the first thing you think you’ll do once the touring is over?
I will be flying over to the United States to get married! We all have plans though once the Summer's over and I'm sure we'll kick back for a while and reflect on what's been a crazy 18 months since Grey Britain was released.

The Bizarre Ball 2010 is taking place at the Coronet theatre in London. The night will be hosted by cabaret sensation Desmond O’Connor – Gallows will be the headlining act.

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