Scouting for Girls Interview

Scouting for Girls Interview

It’s a sunny day in London town, and to celebrate this brief sprinkle of warmth & sunshine we caught up with the ever animated Scouting For Girls, who’s unashamedly upbeat new single ‘Famous’ (out July 18th) is set to be the soundtrack to the summer!

Earlier this year the threesome made waves as their eagerly anticipated single ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ shot straight to number 1… This was not only their first number 1, but in fact, the first number one from a British band since Coldplay did it in 2008… Then, just a fortnight later, their album reached number 2 in the charts… Ladies and Gentleman, Scouting for Girls are back, and they mean business!

Famous is coming out on 18th July, are you crossing your fingers for another number 1?
It would be wicked, but not the end of the world if we don’t … we HOPE top 5, but in fact top 40 would be great… but anything is good!

How does it feel to be back on the road again?
AWESOME!… we’ve spent a year in the studio so getting back out has been fantastic. The best thing about being back out again this time is hearing the fans singing back to words to the NEW songs as well as the older ones, it’s an incredible experience

What would you say is the most essential item to take on tour with you?
[All Laugh]… ROY… because we need the vocals!… no, really… Roy!!

You’re currently ambassadors for the ‘well child’ charity amongst others, was there any specific motivation for choosing them?
Well, we were invited to an award ceremony by ‘well child’ at the end of last year and we were asked to hand out an award… After talking to some of the representatives from the charity and hearing some of the kids stories they asked us if we would like to be ambassadors… we were all really touched to be asked, so for us, it was a no brainer really! [All chatter in agreement]
In fact. we are doing a sponsored bike ride on CHOPPERS from London to Brighton, the date has changed to August because we’ve been so busy, but we’re hoping to raise LOTS of cash for the charity, so far we’re on £1000 or so, and we’re keen to get more [Note to the reader: SFG asked if we could round this up to a million in the write up… but I think we can do one better, please check out their fundraising page here: link maybe we can help them get a little closer?]

What do you feel, so far, has been a defining moment in your success?
When we went to sign our record deal (Sony Music)… the best thing about it was being able to call up our bosses (because we were all still working up until this point) to tell them we weren’t coming into work tomorrow…. That was the best feeling; we’d spent 10 years working on it! Saying that, getting to number 1 was amazing… we’d class that as a defining moment.

You’re doing quite a varied series of shows over the next few months in a series of venues, which shows are you most looking forward to this summer?
Ah, the racecourses are always fun, we did a few last year, and this year we’re at Doncaster Racecourse… we end up spending all our money on the horses… it’s always a laugh! Another one would be Thetford Forest, that’s going to be great playing in the middle of a big… erm… forest!

If you were putting together your own Scouting for Girls festival, who would you book to headline the main stage?
US…. We would pick US… wait, no, can we open the festival? [OK, guys it’s your festival, I’ll let you open!]
In that case, we would open so we could enjoy the day, and U2 could headline! Glastonbury are missing out… oh and we’d have Stevie Wonder too… we like Stevie Wonder!

What is the 1 shining piece of advice you would pass on to a band trying to succeed in the Music Industry?
[All excitedly confer] … GIVE UP… we don’t need to competition! HAHA…

… A band with their feet so firmly on the ground is a rare and pleasant thing, and with Famous gearing up to be a surefire hit these guys deserve all the success they get!…

You can see them this summer at a range of events including:

3rd July @ Mercedes Benz World
4th July @ T4 on the Beach, Weston super mare
8th July @ Thetford Forest, Suffolk
9th July @ Oxegen Festival, Ireland
10th July @ T In The Park Festival, Scotland
14th August @ Doncaster Racecourse
17th August @ Villa Marina, Isle of Man
21st August @ V Festival, Chelmsford
22nd August @ V Festival, Stafford

And of course, don’t forget to get your hands on a copy of ‘Famous’ the new single taken from the album ‘Everybody wants to be on TV’ out 18th July 2010!

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