The Little Million

The Little Million

Having supported Feeder and The Parlotones already this year, and with their debut album, ‘Satellite’; set for release on the 28th of June, it is no wonder that The Little Million are one of the most anticipated and talked about rock bands for this year. I caught up with Jim Pender, the band’s front man, to find out a bit more about them.

The first question I asked was what up and coming gig Jim is most looking forward to? Jim replied saying that it has to be The Kerrang Tour in Birmingham in front of 10,000 people later this year! Jim progressed to tell me how this gig of 10,000 people in the audience will be the biggest that The Little Million have played in front of and whilst nerves aren’t kicking in just yet, it will be an experience and a half. With the bands enormous appreciation for Muse, Jim told me how The Little Million would LOVE to support them one day.

Aside from Muse; inspirational musical artists of theirs include The Eels, Silver Chairs, and Rufus Wainwright amongst others. The band seem to have their hearts in the right places with Jim stating how really, music is his life and aside from musical aspects, he doesn’t really have one! Jim also stated how the band’s main goal is purely “just to create good music”. With their very broad musical tastes as shown within their inspirational bands and open minds together with them all knowing each other for over 15 years; this band aren’t likely to abandon us due to petty reasons like “musical differences”.. Which leads us onto Oasis! Jim told me though how he really couldn’t care less about the split of Oasis when I asked him, saying, ‘I can understand why people like them and they have done some great songs but I have never been a big fan of them.’ Fair enough!

Having performed at gigs where they haven’t been paid and one resulting in them deliberately being locked in a car park by the pub owner-meaning they had to call the police; The Little Million seem a very likeable band, not claiming or acting to be things they are not and seem very down-to-earth! Jim has been around music from a young age with him starting the guitar at aged 11 and often performing at ‘Young Band of the Year’ shows whilst still at school in various bands around the age of 14.

The band’s loyalty shows where I asked Jim what would happen if a member of the band left and whether they would just replace him or split up. He replied, laughing, ‘Well I guess it would depend which member it was!’ he then further added that because they have all known each other so long and each person brings different things to the band, if one person left it wouldn’t be the same band resulting in them not being able to continue.

The Little Million all come from Sheffield and I asked them how it feels when returning for a home gig. Jim informed me of how they love to perform home gigs but how; sadly, they have recently been unable to as a result of their busy schedule. He then went on to tell me how there is always a good place to gig at back in Sheffield and how they always get a lovely reception when they do return.

My final question was which track off the new album, ‘Satellite’, he likes best? He replied with ‘Finger on the Trigger ‘which is the 6th track. ‘Finger on the Trigger’ has a slightly ‘Muse’ feel at the beginning of the song with keyboard sounds then progressing into more pop rock and steering away from the style of Muse. It uses quirky vocal harmonies and string instruments contrasting to the electric guitar and catchy ongoing riff.

‘Satellite’ is out 28th June

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