Losers Interview

Losers Interview

Losers are playing the Sunrise Arena at Latitude this year. We caught up with Eddy Temple-Morris to see how he was preparing for the festival's fifth birthday.

1. When you think of Latitude what 5 words spring to mind?
Trees, Big, Beloved, Green &Virgin.

2. If you could only see one performance at this year's festival what would it be?
Empire Of The Sun, they made my favourite record of the past few years and I was the first person in the UK to champion them but I've still not seen them play.

3. What 5 items will you be bringing to Latitude?
An Akubra 'Snowy River' (an Ozzy bush hat), Factor 30 sunscreen, Eye mask, Wet wipes and Fulton Stormshield umbrella.

4. Do you have anything special planed for your performance at Latitude?
We’re going to attempt a really rocking cover of my favourite Friendly Fires song, Tom sings it, and it is brilliant.

5. Latitude is 5 years old, how did you celebrate your fifth birthday?
I believe I bit my best friend's nose off, or half off, and he had to go to hospital. I was flabbergasted and had no idea I'd done anything wrong. I used to bite the noses of all my teddy-bears, and my beloved panda, and thought I’d show him the same love.

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