Au Revoir Simone Interview

Au Revoir Simone Interview

Adam Richardson caught up with Heather D’Angelo, one third of Brooklyn lo fi outfit Au Revoir Simone, to discuss touring, the latest album, and influences.

Wikipedia can’t pin you down, genre-wise, they’ve listed you as dream pop, piano pop and Lo-fi. How would you describe the Au Revoir Simone sound?

Dreamy lo-fi piano pop sounds about right to me!

Your name references Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. What other non-musical influences do you have?
Nature, Astronomy, love, friendships, heartbreak…the list is long.

Any heroes, musical or non?
I'm really inspired by Ric O'Barry's work in Taiji, Japan.

How did the recording go for Still Night, Still Light?
It's been a long time since the recording, so my memory has gone a bit fuzzy about it…the process was kind of long and difficult, but our wonderful producer, Thom Monahan was so resourceful and accommodating. We were really happy with the result.

You’re touring pretty hard right now, are you enjoying it?
Sometimes, yes!

Do you prefer Europe or the States for touring?
Definitely Europe. Everything is easier and nicer there.

Festivals or indoors?
Definitely indoors! It's hard to have good control with the sound when you play a festival.

Are you still all getting along ok?
Of course!

What can we expect from Au Revoir Simone, say, over the next five years?
Only time will tell.

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