Toddla T Interview

Toddla T Interview

Ahead of his appearance at Lovebox DJ TODDLA T spoke to Emma Hope about his new single, his BBC Radio 1 show and using Rizla’s as toilet paper…

Your new single Sky Surfing was recently released, did you record it in Jamaica?
Yes that’s right. I’ve been to Jamaica a couple of times, that time I was over there with Major Lazer to work on their new album and while I was there I met Wayne Marshall, who’s a vocalist and I ended up worked with him.

How was it working with Wayne Marshall?
Amazing, I’ve know about him for years, so I was a bit star-struck. I never thought I’d get to work with someone like that. I played him a load of beats and he liked that one, which I was surprised about as it’s pretty English sounding, but he jumped on it. And we recorded it there and then at a little home studio. Then when I got back I finished it off.

Will this track be included on your new album?
I reckon, yeah. I’m working on the new record at the minute. I’ve been writing since I finished the last album. I’ve been to Jamaica a few times and I’ve been to America. I’ve had more time to play around and try different things as well. I reckon that track will make the new album.

When do you expect the new album will be released?
We’re looking at February next year. Just want to take the time to get it right. In the meantime I’ll release singles.

Have you been working on any remixes lately?
Yeah I’m doing a lot of stuff with the guy I share my studio with, he’s called Redlight. We did Wiley’s new single, Electric Boogaloo. And we’re doing some stuff with Labyrinth, doing his new single. He’s just produced some things for Tinie Temper I do believe.

How is your monthly radio show, In New DJs We Trust, on BBC 1 going? Do you enjoy working on radio?
I love it, it’s amazing. I never really planned on getting into radio, so when I got the opportunity I was shocked. But as soon as I started I loved it. It’s a great opportunity to play music that I think is new and exciting to a massive amount of people, like more people than at any gig I could ever play.

You’re curating the Rizla stage on the Friday night of Lovebox, tell me a bit about the DJs you’ve chosen to play.
We've got Todd Edwards. He’s a UK garage legend, even though he’s American! He’s been hugely involved in the form and sound of garage in the UK. He’s probably the main act. We’ve got The Heatwave which is a British reggae collective, prominent in the dancehall scene. And we’ve got Sticky playing with them, and amazing new female vocalist Lady Chann as well. We’ve got Zombie Disco Squad who are a techno act, one of them is from Sheffield and the other one’s from Germany. Then you’ve got me, which is pretty cool. Cooly G plays as well who is a wicked sort of female DJ producer, her sound is completely individual, kind of house, funky, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s very individual. So we’ve got a lot going on throughout the day. We’ve got everything from garage to techno, to dancehall, mad stuff, party music. It’s all got a common thread of being really good music to dance to.

Other than rolling tobacco in, can you think of any less conventional uses for Rizlas?
I think for a festival there are many things you could do. You could light a fire with them, if you’re camping. You could use them as toilet paper, because toilet paper always runs out at festivals. Or you could use them to write things on.

Toddla T curates the Rizla Arena at Lovebox on Friday July 16, Grandmaster Flash curates the Saturday, and Hot Chip the Sunday. For more information or tickets visit: link

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