First Aid Kit Interview

First Aid Kit Interview

First Aid Kit hail from Stockholm and are preparing to play the Sunrise Arena at Latitude. Here we asked them five questions for the fifth birthday.

1. When you think of Latitude what 5 words spring to mind?
Happy shiny party people woho!

2. If you could only see one performance at this year's festival what would it be?
Jesca Hoop. She came to our show in Manchester during our UK tour and gave us her latest record. We played it everyday in the car on the tour. We were spellbound. There is something very magic about her music, something you really can't explain – it has to be heard to be believed.

3. What 5 items will you be bringing to Latitude?
A first aid-kit, a button, a piece of chalk, a radio clock and stilts.

4. Do you have anything special planed for your performance at Latitude?
Nope. Basically, we will play and sing our hearts out. We always try to do the best we can, no matter where we are playing.

5. Latitude is 5 years old, how did you celebrate your fifth birthday?
Johanna: My fifth birthday was tragic. I was crying because I didn't get a Barbie. I only got toys made out of wood.
Klara: Well, I don't remember, but I am pretty sure it was an awesome day!

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