The Horrors Interview

The Horrors Interview

Latitude Festival is celebrating its fifth birthday this year. We caught up with The Horrors frontman, Faris Badwan, who will be playing in the Word Arena at the festival to ask him five, fast questions.

1. When you think of Latitude what 5 words spring to mind?
It’s the same, only darker

2. If you could only see one performance at this year's festival what would it be?
I don't think I could choose just one.

3. What 5 items will you be bringing to Latitude?
Me, myself, I, house keys, tear gas.

4. Do you have anything special planed for your performance at Latitude?
We will mainly be performing songs from our smash hit album, ‘Primary Colours’.

5. Latitude is 5 years old, how did you celebrate your fifth birthday?
My next door neighbour and I shared a birthday. She celebrated by hiring a bouncy castle. I celebrated by climbing the fence and unplugging it. Shortly afterwards I was chased down the road by someone's sheepdog which was very embarrassing.

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