Emma Bunton Talks About Her New Channel Five Show

Emma Bunton Talks About Her New Channel Five Show

When MySpace caught up with Emma Bunton she was ecstatic about the launch of her new live entertainment event, Five’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, which sets out to see if the “all singing, all dancing entertainers” have what it takes to make it big. Talking about her unparalleled success back in the day as part of the Spice Girls she says “We had no idea it would become such a phenomenon, we were having a ball at the beginning and didn’t quite know what was happening, it all happened really fast”

When asked which girl band she wishes she could ‘join’ Emma enthused “I loved Destiny’s Child, I would like to shake my booty with Beyonce and the girls”

Talking about her infamous pop days, Emma still wholly believes in the Spice Girls motto ‘Girl Power’ stating “It’ a huge part of my life, it’s definitely there”. She also let us in on a secret sing along favourite “I can’t help but sing along to ‘Build me up Buttercup’ when I’m a bit tipsy!” And even though Emma is happily attached she secretly let slip that she also has some celebrity crushes “I adore Michael Buble and Ed Sedgwick from Gossip Girl”

Emma also revealed that the original band are loving working on Spice Girls the musical “Working on the new project together has been brilliant and getting back together for the last tour was the best”

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