Battlestar Galactic: The Plan Review

There was many a sad face when Battlestar Galactica ended its run after 4 very impressive seasons. The story had been told – but in a universe so rich of character the makers have, wisely, gone back to retread the first half of this affair taking the viewpoint of the Cylons in this two hour special.

Here we find ourselves confronted with their initial goal in exterminating the human race and dealing with the consequences of their actions and the developments that follow. The film is largely split into two sections; one that follows John Cavil on board the main ship and how he manipulates his situation and those around him. The other is based on Caprica with Sam Anderson leading a team of survivors against the threat – John Cavil popping up here in a secondary incarnation who lives a very different path indeed.

Edward James Olmos directed this special feature himself and although it does reuse some material, it is largely newly shot drama to give viewers different perspectives. Dean Stockwell obviously gets to take on a larger role as the no. 1 Cylon in his dual role here and the story itself lends much credence to what fans are used to.

Admittedly, this second string is a lot weaker than the Cylon perspective on Galactica; mainly in that it adds very little weight to what we already know about Sam’s struggle on the planet and whilst there are fine performances it will only serve to entertain the wildest enthusiast. Then again, this project seems like it was put together purely to serve that crowd.

The DVD release itself comes with a fair amount of behind the scenes material following Olmos on his quest to direct the feature. A few deleted scenes are also added and a commentary from the director and writer.

Whilst it is nice to have them all back again, it is also just as sad to see it all go away again. There is still room for added drama; but to do so would be just to elongate something that finished its run in style a while ago now – and for that we should all be very happy.

Steven Hurst

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