Machete Trailer

Now this is what I’m talking about! We have had a return to the action genre in a big bad way this summer.

Predators returned – and managed to retain the same cheesy fun of the original. The A-Team came at us in an incoherent way but it did manage to have some chemistry between the leads. Then Stallone brought us The Expendables – the ultimate call back to 80’s action with probably the most impressive cast to date. And now here comes Machete.

This one is going to be even more over the top than Stallone’s feature as it is much more of a grindhouse feature, but it does also have a cast to die for! Danny Trejo is being supported by the likes of Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodrigez, oh and ,er, Lindsay Lohan as a gun totting nun.

Anyway check out the trailer. Say what you want about the quality of this summer, it’s nice to have one that has been action themed for the better part.

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