Unstoppable Trailer

Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott team up for the umpteenth time to bring us a thriller about an out of control train that, well, must be stopped before all sorts of carnage occurs.

Personally we’re not quite sure how exciting an out of control train scenario is going to play on screen. We’ve seen it before and sadly there are rules that must be followed.  Namely that the train is on a singular track (until perhaps it gets derailed at the end – love that old cliché) and it is going fast.

The main thrills out of this will be for the lives of those on board -and hoping that no one makes any idiot moves outside the train, or some poor old couples car breaks down just as they cross the tracks.

Still, we have faith in Washington and Scott who for the better part make a very good team (Crimson Tide and Man On Fire being prime results) but they are not unstoppable themselves (See DeJaVu and Pelham 1 2 3).

Unstoppable is out 26th November 2010 and co-stars Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson.

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