Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection 4 Disc Set In October

Bill Hicks is back in the public eye again thanks to the documentary American that was released. Now we have even more Hicks material on the way, rejuvenating interest in who was clearly one of the top of the class.

Bill Hicks’ extraordinary social commentary is as fresh and stunning today as it was in the 80‘s and 90’s. He confronted mainstream beliefs and hypocrisy. Bill often engaged his audiences, encouraging them to travel with him and evolve. He described himself as “Chomsky with dick jokes.” Hicks’ career was short in span but powerful in impact. His rigorous touring schedule from the early 80’s into the early 90’s often tallied over 300 nights performing per year. Hicks appeared on Late Night with David Letterman eleven times during his career. He also gained a dedicated fanbase in the UK where he currently is listed as the UK’s 4th greatest comedian on Channel 4’s  2010 poll.

The Essential Collection is a 4 disc set (2 CD / 2 DVD) that encompasses Bill Hicks’ short but powerful career as a satirist, social critic and stand-up comedian.  The Essential Collection is released on 4th October on Ryko via Ada Global and is a must have item for the staunch comedy fan.

The 2 DVD discs feature over five hours of performance footage from Bill Hicks’ personal archives. The video content includes rare, never before seen performance footage of Bill from the early 80‘s. Also included is the cult short film, Ninja Bachelor Party (starring Bill Hicks, Kevin Booth and David Johndrow), interview footage with Bill, and a DVD photo gallery with pictures from Bill’s personal archives.

The 2 CD discs feature over two hours of Bill’s best stand up material. Included are never before released performance pieces by Bill from a San Ramon, CA performance that was found in Bill’s archives.

The package also features liner notes from Henry Rollins, noted UK author Paul Outhwaite and UK journalist/tv personality, Clive Anderson. Also included in the package is a download card containing original song recordings by Bill entitled, Lo-Fi Troubadour.

CD DISC 1 Features Bill’s social commentary on topics including: loathing of pop culture, commercialism and advertising; pornography; profanity

CD DISC 2 Features Bill’s social commentary on topics: drugs; politics and beliefs; smoking; odd beliefs and conspiracy issues; Bill’s overarching philosophy

DVD DISC 1 Features rare, never before seen 1980’s performance footage from Bill Hicks’ personal archives and early years interview footage

DVD DISC 2 Features the cult short film, Ninja Bachelor Party. It is also features rare, never before seen  performance footage from Austin, TX taken from Bill’s personal archives (known as the Austin Bootleg Series).

DOWNLOAD CARD Features never before heard original song recordings from Bill Hicks

Album & DVDs Released:  4th October 2010

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