Pandora’s Box Resurfaces For LFF

Louise Brooks is a name that isn’t common enough around cinema-goers but most are often familiar with her on screen look; her dark bobbed hair and femme fatale allure.

It is sometimes a wonder why she hasn’t been portrayed on screen in a worthy biography. Yes there has been an HBO documentary, there have been many books, and there have been countless references to her work in other people’s films. Lulu on the Bridge probably did it the most directly, whereas films such as Something Wild made direct reference to her look.

It’s with joy then that the BFI have dug out her most famous silent film Pandora’s Box to be screened as part of the 54th London Film Festival.

The film, directed by G.W.Pabst has toured the country before and often is played with piano accompaniment. The BFI has also played some of her other films at their festival and also went all out a few years ago and hosted a Louise Brooks season which featured other classics such as Diary of a Lost Girl (Also directed by Pabst) and Prix De Beaute. Both of these features along with Pandora’s Box marked a strong time for Brooks.

Pandora’s Box may be dated in terms of how it ends, but it is ripe for a serious update. There are still many of its themes and strong feminist ideals that are current in today’s supposedly advanced society.

Pandora’s Box will screen on NFT1 at 6pm Thursday 14th October.

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