Predators Disc Details

It may have been given a mixed reaction, but there was no denying the Predator was back in a bigger and badder way when it came out in the third official Predator outing.

We personally liked it alot, and are looking forward to it coming out on disc and just looking at the difference between the DVD and Blu-Ray editions we know which version we will be urging people to buy! Check it the list of extras for both below!

One-Disc Blu-ray Special Features
Motion Comics
 Robert Rodriguez presents exclusive prequel vignettes voiced by the cast of Predators. Witness the secret adventures that turned our world’s most ruthless killers into the ultimate Predator prey.
o Noland Intro
o Isabelle
o Cuchillo
o Hanzo
o Mombasa
o Noland Ending
 Crucified
• Evolution of the Species: Predators Reborn
 Bloodline
 De-cloaking the Invisible: Alien Terrain
 Intelligent Design: The Hunting Camp
 Predators as Prey
 Yuatja Transformed
 Rite of Passage
• The Chosen Featurette
• Deleted and Extended Scenes
 Dead Man’s Parachute
 Cuchillo and Isabelle
 Team “Orientated” Group
 Third Most Wanted
 Cuchillo Unleashes
 “Why Are You Here?”
 “They’re Smarter Than That”
 Stans and Isabelle Naked
 “They’re Still Coming”
• Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and director, Nimród Antal
• Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Scene
• BD-Live
 Live Extras: Robert Rodriguez Exclusive Interview
 Live Lookup – Powered by IMDB

DVD Special Features
Motion Comics
 Crucified
De-cloaking the Invisible: Alien Terrain
Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and director, Nimród Antal

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