French Horn Rebellion - This Moment

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment

On 15th November French Horn Rebellion, Milwaukee born and raised brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, will release their brand new single “This Moment”, the follow up to the acclaimed “Beaches & Friends” EP and a precursor to their imminent debut album.

Ask Robert and David what the song is about and they will point you to a recent French blog posting:

“Have you ever noticed that the most stressful things in life are either things that haven't even happened yet or that might supposedly happen? If you focus on the past or the future too much, that means you are not doing what you need to do at this moment to change any of it. When you are not in the moment you are not really living. The past is gone, the future is unknown, so thinking about it leaves you in some sort of limbo world that has nothing to do with your reality right now – be present every day. A song you can vibe to that constantly reminds you about ‘the moment’ is one of the most powerful tools a person can have”. (Et Musique Pour Tous)

Ask them how the music came about and Robert says:

“This Moment” is French Horn Rebellion’s attempt to make the hottest retro jam possible. Some dance producers re-edit older songs to create new tracks, except in this case, instead of re-editing an old song we created our own original sample with French horns, then took the splits and made it into a modern electro slammer. It’s more like an origi-edit, like an edit of an original retro song that we created.

Following the release of “This Moment” French Horn Rebellion will unleash the genre-bending odyssey that is ‘The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion.’ It is a debut album that warps the fabric of dance, electro, rock and funk and may turn out to be a contender for 2010’s most ambitious, multi-faceted and engaging debut album.

“The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion” is released on 22nd November and will be preceded by the single “This Moment” on 15th November.

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