The A-Team Disc Details

One of the many retro action films to hit screens this year – The A-Team – is headed our way to DVD and Blu-Ray carrying with it a host of supplementary material for fans to get immersed with.

Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinten Rampage Jackson and our own personal hero Sharlto Copley make up the team in this refitted modern update of the hugely successful TV show from the ’80s.

The A-Team Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD Details:
Release date: 29th November 2010
Cert: 12 (DVD)/ 15 (Blu-ray)
Price: 19.99 (DVD)/ 24.99 (Blu-ray Triple Play)

Special Features – DVD
• Digital Copy
• Director’s commentary
• A-Team highlights Mash-up Montage

Special Features – Blu-ray Triple Play (three disc set with character art-cards)
• Extended feature (extra 15 mins)
• Deleted scenes
• Gag reel
• Director’s commentary
• A-Team highlights mash-up montage
• Plan of attack – making of featurette
• Character chronicles (x 6)
• Special effects featurette
• Interactive behind-the-scenes featurette with Joe Carnahan

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