Cast Interview

Cast Interview

Cast are returning from their 90’s heyday for a 15 year anniversary tour of their ground breaking debut album All Change. In the build up to this, their lead singer, John Power, was very kind to take the time in answering a few questions for us.

Hi John, thanks for your time in answering some questions for us. How are you finding the tour? Enjoying it as much as first time around?
Well we ain't kicked off as of yet, but I got a feeling were gonna enjoy standing on stage and playing all those songs, together again after all these years. It’s been a long time and I’d quite forgot how many anthemic tunes we had. so yeah it should be a blast

What made you decide to reform for this tour?
Well to be honest. It all came about because I’ve been writing, and the songs felt like they belong to a band and not as a solo piece of work. Also time changes your view. I wasn’t interested in doing any more cast tunes for a long time but it just feels like the right thing to do. Anyway someone suggested to do a few shows and see how it feels again, it being 15 years since All Change.

How has this reunion been received by critics and fans? Well there’s a lot of good will so far , and I’m blown away by the way the fans have shown that they want to come to the shows, so that means a lot to me.

What reception have you had from your gigs?
Well, it’s all about to happen. So I’ll have to let you know later on.

What’s your opinion of the music scene now for bands like yourselves?
There definitely is one, and it’s very popular, but it just seems 'underground'.
Guitar based music will always find a way thru, kids in bands picking up guitars and getting rid of all those emotions, in a gentle way or a more manic style. Whichever suits them best. As for scene’s. They tend to define themselves by catching the wind and then creating their own momentum. Little pockets of people sympathetic to each others call.

Do you wish for the scene to be booming again like in the 90s?
I wouldn’t want to turn the clock back ever. There is loads of cool and relevant music. It just depends on where you’re at in your life when listening.

Are you satisfied with the level of success you achieved during your initial time together? You were very popular.
Yes and no. I don’t think I’ve ever felt satisfied as a musician, but I’m working on it.

Are you nervous for this tour? How will you relax before gigs?
No, not nervous, but excited in a new way because I feel like I may just enjoy this without losing my marbles. I want to sing and listen and feel it flowing right on out of me. How will I relax, shit I haven’t thought of that.

Are you still writing? If so are you planning to record new material/a new album together as Cast?
That’s the idea. I have the songs to make a Cast album. I’m still working on them and pulling them into shape but I certainly feel like I’m closing in on them and that it won’t be too long before the album is ready to begin recording.

Finally All Change was a great album (like your others) for us who remember you first time around. Are there any surprises we can expect from these gigs?
The band will be blasting All Change and other favourites. I was thinking of trying some new songs but I think that will have to wait till next time…!

I’m seeing them in Liverpool at the end of November, so this will be extra special because home-comings always are, to bands and fans a-like. I'm not surprised there are extra dates here due to popular demand. I am old enough to remember Cast from first time around, contributing to the Britpop scene that swept the nation (whether they liked this or not). This album definitely stamped their footprint into people’s minds with fresh guitar sounds, melodies, and great energy, not least Power’s lyrics expressed by his great inimitable distinctively Scouse voice. Me and my mate can’t wait yet again to re-live our care free teenage days.

Click on the official All Change tour site link for info on gig dates and great memories.

All Change is re-released in a deluxe edition to commemorate their 15th anniversary. This includes a 2nd disc with the album's demo's, a live gig from 1996, and their single Flying. Available 25th October.

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