Jay Mya Interview

Jay Mya Interview

Recently Glasswerk reviewed Jay Mya's debut single 'In The Morning'.
I managed to catch up with Jay last week to find out a bit more about him, who he likes in the industry and to talk specifically about his music.

Q1.How did you get involved in music to begin with and can you tell the reader a bit about yourself?
I have always loved music but I think for me the journey began when I was around 14. I spent a lot of time writing lyrics and rapping over vinyl instrumentals in the garage with my mates!

Just before leaving school I started to record my own music and I have been doing it ever since! From recording a home made CD with friends and selling it round school to recording in professional studios and independently releasing an album!

My style, image and name have changed as the years have gone by but my drive and ambition have only got stronger! I now feel ‘ready’ for the mainstream and I am hoping with the record deal and the release of my official debut single… that it is finally going to happen!

Q2. What is the song 'In The Morning' about?
Without full attention for the first listen the track may sound like a cliché love long. However the track is actually about a very common situation where a guy meets a girl after a few cheeky drinks and thinks she is ‘the one’.

I have experienced this situation many times with friends.. They meet a girl on a night out, go crazy about them.. ‘But will they feel the same in the morning?’ as the track goes! More times than not.. They don’t! haha

Q3. Your sound is heavily influenced by a range of genres, 'In The Morning' has 3 different versions, the original. Electro and Drum & Bass. Which do you prefer and why?
I really like all 3 versions although I’m not a massive fan of Drum & Bass. Not that I don’t like it.. Its just not a genre I have had much to do with! If I had to choose a winner it would definitely have to be the original.. As that is ’originally’ how I intended it to be!

Q4. With the huge co-signs you already have in the music industry, can you tell Glasswerk which 3 artists/producers you would like to collaborate with and why?
That’s a tough question as there are so many good artists in the industry!

I would love to work with Taio Cruz, he is doing amazing things for the UK Urban scene at the moment with his success over in America! He is also a very talented songwriter.

I’m also a fan of Usher so I would love to collaborate with him, he has a lot of swagger and a great attitude!

And finally I’m going to say Jay Z.. I admire him for his entrepreneurial skills and hard working ambition! He also is an amazing artist who is a true inspiration to so many young people!

I could go on forever.. But you did say 3!

Q5. In the recent single review posted on Glasswerk, I made comparisons to your music sounding like a UK version of Flo Rida or Pitbull. How do you feel about this?
Flo Rida and Pitbull are both mainstream platinum selling artists so that can only be a good thing! I haven’t really heard any of their albums in full but I do like most of their singles as they both portray a positive ‘feel good’ attitude with clever lyrics and a catchy melody.. I do like to think I am the same in that respect, so thank you..

Q6. What 3 albums do you have on rotation at the moment and why?
In my car at the moment I have Tinie Tempah – Disc-Overy, which is a really good album from a very strong UK artist! I love his work and he definitely deserves to be number 1 in the Album Chart!

I don’t really have 3 albums on rotation, but the most played CDs in my car this month would have to be Example – Won’t Go Quietly, Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend and Kings of Leon – Only By The Night.
I have a very diverse taste in music and I like to listen to these artists for inspiration as well as pleasure!

Q7. What is next for Jay Mya?
Well at the moment we are all working hard promoting the debut single!
I will be starting a promotional tour in the next few weeks and all the dates will be available on my website and facebook page soon!

I am really looking forward to 2011 as it will see the release of my debut album, I know I have a lot to offer to the music industry and I can't wait to finally make my mark!

Jay is due to release his debut single ‘In The Morning’ through Universal Records on 29th November.

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