Flo Rida Interview

Flo Rida Interview

Today I caught up with one of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars, Flo Rida. In this interview he talks about his new album ‘Only One Flo Part 1’, his development as an artist and what it is like playing to huge crowds.

Hey man, great to talk to you. The first track I ever heard from you was the remix to your record ‘Birthday’ which featured Rick Ross and your brother Brisco. Can you tell me how you have developed as an artist since this time?
Thanks. Well you know travelling around the world, being inspired by meeting new people, new producers you know things like that. It has helped to take my music to another level and given me the chance to show a different side of me when recording records.

Your new album is being released soon, can you tell me a bit about the album, the name of it and the concept behind the album?
Oh yeah, the whole theme and concept with the album let me explain. The name of the album is ‘Only One Flo Part 1’. There’s 2 parts to the album, Part 1 ‘Only One Flo’ and Part 2 ‘Only one Rida’.

So far I have Akon on the album, Kevin Rudolf and some new artists. I started my own record label called International Music Group (IMG). I got Git Fresh, which is my first R&B act signed to the label; I got Gucci Mane and Ludacris also on the album. Fans can look forward to the album dropping on 29th November, so I mean I am definitely excited about it, it’s my third album so I am happy.

What plans do you have for Git Fresh?
Well I am taking them on tour next week to Australia. I’m going to keep them working hard, grindin’ and I look forward to them being successful very soon.

Going back to your previous album R.O.O.T.S. which received a Grammy nomination, I’ve got to ask how did that feel?
Oh man, it was a blessing, just to be placed alongside artists that I look up to was an experience of a lifetime.

Some of your biggest hits to date have been co- produced by Mike Caren Executive Vice President of A&R for Atlantic Records and Co-President of Elektra Records) and yourself (Sugar & Jump), are you working with him on this album?
Yeah man, we have worked closely together on my latest project, he’s my A&R so you know we always work alongside each other, he does a great job, covers me and helps to take my career to the next level.

You have collaborated with Lil Wayne on a couple of occasions (Fresh I Stay & American Superstar). Have you spoken to him since he was released from prison?
I haven’t spoke to him yet but you know I look forward to speaking to him real soon.

I mentioned your brother Brisco earlier, what is his current situation?
You know, he’s doin’ his thing, he’s getting ready to release his album real soon. I mean you will have to check him out on the Poe Boy website (link) to find out more about him, there’s a lot on there. Right now he got a single with Lil Wayne called ‘On The Wall’.

Moving back to your music, have you found it difficult to adapt your style to appeal to a worldwide audience?
Nah not at all, it’s definitely been easy; just having the passion and the love I have for my music and my fans has really helped me to become a success and my fans show me a lot of love in return.

I heard that you have been playing to crowds in excess of 50,000 people with David Guetta, how has this experience been?
A great atmosphere; being there with 50,000 fans just time and time again. David Guetta is a great person. I enjoyed working with him, shooting the video. Actually I’ve got a record with him that is going to feature on his next album, so fans will have to check that out when the album drops. You know it’s been a whole new experience and a blessing working with him.

What acts from the UK are you feeling at the moment?
Well I’ve had the chance to work with the Saturdays, Alexandra Burke and Taio Cruz which was fun, definitely UK artists are on the up rise.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I enjoy listening to the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, but for the most part I have been listening to my album ‘Only One Flo Part 1’; going over it so when I’m on stage I don’t forget any lyrics.

You mentioned you were a fan of 2Pac. ‘Turnaround 4,3,2,1’ samples 2Pac’s song ‘Hail Mary’; is that song inspired you to make this record?
My record cut would be Hail Mary, so definitely that’s the inspiration and just being a fan of 2Pac, so definitely that’s what inspired me.

You released a Mix Tape way way back called the Freestyle Kronikles before the release of your debut album ‘Mail On Sunday’; do you have any plans to release another Mix Tape?
I look forward to releasing another Mix Tape real soon. I love being able to do what I want to do, you know on the tracks so the fans will get another Mix Tape.

Going back to your album ‘Only One Flo Part 1’ you said the album will be released in two parts, with Part 2 being called ‘Only One Rida’. Is this 2nd part going to be much different from Part 1?
Most definitely; I recorded nearly 70 records for this project so right now I’m gathering all the material together that I want to use on Part 2.

Finally, thanks for speaking to me today but I’ve gotta ask you about who your ideal woman is and are the rumours that you dated Brandy really false?
Well first of all the rumour wasn’t false, but I mean my ideal woman would be someone who puts god first, has aims, goals and ambition; motivated, keeps me smiling and happy you know. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

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