Interview: Honor from Cerebral Ballzy

Interview: Honor from Cerebral Ballzy

Toted as one of the most aggressive and wild punk bands to come out of New York in the past year, Cerebral Ballzy have been providing raw powerful punk rock that would probably make Joe McElderry cry his out. Glasswerk talk to frontman Honor.

Glasswerk: How're you finding the uk so far?

Honor: It's really sweet man. Kids have really been accepting. We've been getting wild and we're super hungover the whole time we've been here but also super drunk at the same time.

G: Anything interesting while you've been drunk?

Honor: Mason just got out of jail an hour ago and he just got to the green room. We're about to play a gig pretty soon and we're pretty drunk. We all got into a fight but we're all fine now.

G: How did the fight start?

H: I don't know. I'm sure it's something to do with girls. I think Mason asked the wrong girl for a cigarette.

G: Is that the craziest thing you've seen on tour or have you seen anything crazier?

H: It's not the craziest. I don't remember the craziest.

G: How has the reception been in the UK?

H: Just nuts. Kids are coming out by the boatloads crashing and having fun. They're really stoked by the new record. It's all going really well.

G: What has been the best show in the UK so far?

H: Not to compare but the one on Monday was as sweet as it gets. We played with Trash Talk at the Barfly and I was stoked. There was constant stage diving and constant fun. It was awesome.

G: How would you say the UK scene compares to New York's music scene?

There's alot going on. I feel that kids are really excited that there's alot going on here in comparison to America. Kids seek out things here really hard and I can see that. American kids are alot more influenced by the masses. UK kids are seeking all that stuff. They have a more DIY approach to starting their own bands and hitting the road.

G: You all love skateboarding. WHo would you say is the best?

H: I don't know. Mason can do double kick flips that's pretty cool.

G: Do you guys have any pre gig rituals?

H: Abe does these toe stretches and I rub ice all over my armpits.

G: Any material to look forward to and why should people purchase it?

We have a lot to show. Really strong songs about just being a kid growing up in New York and people can relate to it regardless of its geographical sense. The artwork is dope and kids should get it.

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