Glasswerk vs Andrew Metcalfe (Sound of Guns)

Glasswerk vs Andrew Metcalfe (Sound of Guns)

Liverpool’s Sound of Guns are taking the music world by storm. They’ve had plenty of trouble from the police and are currently on tour with Scotsman the View. They’re lined up to play Liverpool’s Sound City in May 2011. Having already gained positive critical opinions from the likes of The Guardian, Glasswerk caught up with Andrew Metcalfe, the bands lead singer.

Glasswerk: You’ve been titled as “the biggest sound in Liverpool” by some. Could you tell me how you feel about this title?

Andrew Metcalfe: It’s really nice and flattering.

G: Some have also compared you to U2. What would your reaction be to these people?

A: I don’t really listen to U2 that much but I do like some of their earlier stuff. People are going to always draw comparisons. We’ve had some ridiculous comparisons but U2 are a multi million selling band who play stadiums each week. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m a better singer than Bono anyway.

G: You had trouble with the police one time in Wakefield accusing you of possessing guns. Have you had any similar things happen since?

A: Loads more things have happened but we’ve got a rule where we don’t divulge any tour shenanigans. We almost never got into Majorca through customs when we toured with the Courteeners. That was tricky. Dubai was crazy too. We always get stopped by the police. We’re on the road all the time. We’re a group of lads on a bus with music blaring out and red lights in the back. The Wakefield one was mad because we didn’t have any guns but they thought we did. In the pub someone must have overheard our name and rang the police. 30 armed police suddenly surrounded the bus.

G: There’s a massive flood of “indie hipster bands” in recent years. Could you tell me your opinion on them and how you think Sound of Guns stand?

A: We said in an interview the other week that if we had a gun and wanted to kill someone, it would be the Drums. Each to their own cup of tea but it does nothing for me at all. I don’t know why he (Jonathon Pierce) dances like that. What’s up with him? I’m into big, powerful songs and not just some wally dancing about. If they’re going to make a living out if though then that’s sound.

G: How has working with Chris Potter been? Could you tell me what the vibe was like?

A: Chris mixed our first album. He’s great guy but quiet. We were arsing about in his studio and we were ragging this guitar all week. It was Richard Ashcroft’s guitar and I asked Chris how much it was and he said it was about 1500 pounds. He’s a snail really but I like that. He’s definitely nocturnal.

G: Will you use high production methods as the band evolves or are you sticking to raw, basic production techniques?

A: We’ve been putting that to the test. With our record company advance we brought the equipment and produce the album ourselves. We just got Chris Potter to mix it. This time we’ve recorded the new single with Mike Crossey at the Motor Museum. We’re making it sound sonic and taking it to the next level. We like to be a part of everything and not a band that sits back letting others make all the decisions. I think it will carry on the way it is. There’s good quality control going on.

G: Could you tell me why you’ve decided to work with Mike Crossey on your next release?

A: He’s a brilliant producer. I like almost everything he’s done. He’s all about the sound and he can take us to next level.

G: How was working in your own constructed studio? What did you hope it would bring that a commercial studio wouldn’t?

A: Simon (drums) had been recording us since the band started and we wanted to keep it like that as we felt comfortable and confident working that way. The record label tried to put us in a studio but we brought it instead. We can make albums for the rest of our lives. I don’t want to pay a hundred grand to go in a studio for a week and not get the result we want.

G: How is it touring with the View?

A: I’d go as far as saying it’s the best tour we’ve done. They’re great lads, the shows have been great.

G: What is your ideal Christmas present?

It would be a normal coloured bulb for our van. It’s red right now and it’s cool at first but after an hour or two, never mind a few months, it gets weird

Alex Yau

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