Versaemerge Interview

Versaemerge Interview

There was a queue to meet these, and not surprising. There was some interest in this young Florida outfit fronted by a “not girly girl” Sierra. Due to events beyond her control, we didn’t have much time, but she still found time to talk to us.

How did you meet?
A bit boring but I found them on MySpace. They were looking for a singer and I only lived 3 hours away so auditioned and I was what they wanted.

How would you describe your music?
Alternative rock really, sematic, orchestral, spacey

What are your influences and inspirations?
Film scores and space. Artist wise Bjork and Muse. We’re inspired by the big acts because of their big music.

What’s your ambition? What do you feel/believe to be an acceptable level of success for you?
We’ve been signed for 3 years but we don’t really look at things like that. We love just being in a band so we all want it to last. Sure we want to impress people and sell records, but we want to generate longevity and grow musically so our music can appeal to EVERYONE. That’s the ambition. Also I’d love to play on the moon! You never know!

How are you finding the touring?
A combination of fun and hard work. It takes its toll, only certain people can handle it. It’s worth it though. You’re constantly moving and adjusting but I enjoy challenges, especially abroad, so being it on.

What’s the reception like from the crowd at your gigs? Are you feeling your fan-base growing?
It varies. Not many people know our music, it depends what genre they’re into, but we’re becoming more familiar and can see our fan base growing. It’s good to watch and see.

How do you think you are received by critics? Do you pay attention to it?
We choose to ignore it, not arrogantly or on purpose, we just believe in our own music and in what we do. You can’t control outer forces.
What’s your opinion of the music scene now for bands? There definitely is one, and it’s very popular, but it just seems 'underground' and not as publicised now.

We haven’t been here long, only 5 days, but we like what we’ve seen so far. The fans are open minded which is cool so from that many come and find us for themselves to check us out. That’s cool.

Do you wish for the scene to be bigger and more publicised or pleased that genuine music lovers find bands like you for themselves?
Promoters help a great deal, getting us gigs supporting big bands. Hopefully some ‘We The Kings’ fans will like us also.

What’s planned next after this tour?
We’re back touring the USA and then back touring the UK in summer.

Versaemerge’s album Fixed At Zero is out now in Fuelled By Ramon records.
‘Figure It Out’ will be the next single out soon.

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