Sirens Interview

Sirens Interview

Sirens are made up of Katherine Monaco, Karina Chambers and Lea Reynolds. Their sound is a fantastic mix of RnB, Pop, Hip Hop with a little sprinkling of cheek. We managed to catch up with the girls straight after a rehearsal to see what they're up to.

How did you first come together as a group?

Well we have always been friends since we were young so that helped alot, and we have always been singing and dancing around the house and making up our own routines.

Being friends already must of made everything easier because you are already familiar with the people. Most people try and make it big in the more local areas first and then travel to America. Why didn’t you cover your hometown first?
(Laugh) Well we did try. A lot of people find it hard to go to America first and think it is scary. For us, that wasn’t the case; America just took to our music and embraced us. The music on our first album was more revolved around the taste in music in America so they loved it. The new album is quite different so it will probably suit the taste of the people back home more than the other music.

Do you think it has worked better this way?
Yes because we have built a bigger fan base. We have a huge fan base in Japan as well.

How did you come across Kitchenware?
Well they found us really. We were young at the time and we were doing local gigs. At the end of one of our gigs they approached us.

Do you think the people in the UK will have the same reactions to your music compared to the people in America?
Well we would like to think so. This album has a different sound so we are hoping that the people like it.

How is this album different?
Well the other album has more of an American sound. We were inspired by people that we have been brought up listening to since our child hood so the likes of Michael Jackson and other American singers made a huge impact on our lifes. American music was a big influence.

What was it like to work with producers that had worked with huge worldwide artists?
Amazing. It was flattering. They have worked with loads of people like the Black Eyed Peas and P. Diddy and for us that was huge. We were honoured to work with these people. It was just amazing.

Have you always wanted to pursue a career in music?
Definitely. We have all always loved music and it is all we have wanted to do since we were young. As I said we were always dancing and singing. We never went to any stage school like most people probably do, we just kind of discovered that we could all sing.

Obviously your lives have changed a lot over the last few years. How does it feel knowing that you are living the rock star life that most young girls dream of?
Really cool. We appreciate it every day and we don’t take it for granted. It’s amazing to travel around and build up our fan base. We know a lot of people would love to be in our position so we keep working hard so we don’t mess this chance up. We know we are blessed.

Just to finish up then, were do you see yourself as a band in, say five to ten years?
Definitely still involved with music. Girl bands never really stay together after 10 or 20 years so we hope to be the first and impress the world.

Do you think your music will change over time?
Our music will develop as we develop as people. We are constantly getting new ideas and we are all very creative.

Ok well I suppose that is it really

Thank you very much for your time
(Laugh) It’s ok, Thank you Lauren.

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