Levellers- Jon Sevink Interview

Levellers- Jon Sevink Interview

The levellers play their 20th anniversary tour show for their second, and hugely popular album – Levelling the Land tomorrow at Brixton Academy.

Fiddle man, Jon Sevink was kind enough to take a few Q's in the lead up to the show!

So how exciting is it for the band to do an Album specific tour?
It's been great, re-learning the real parts to the songs rather than playing the approximations of the last 20 years. Of course the structure of the shows is very different fro normal and took a while to getused to but it feels good.

So 20 years celebration of Levelling theLand! Did I miss one for A Weapon called The Word?
Yes! Although we didn't do a whole tour. We played a couple of warm-up shows and played the album, plus B-sides at Beautiful Days festival in 2009.

Will you continue a similar trend for other albums you have done?
At the moment there are no plans but never say never. I quite fancy 'Hello Pig' at the Royal Albert Hall in 2020 if we're still alive….

Does it feel like 20 plus years?
Oh Yes. Touring for 23 years has certainly taken it's toll but it's still better than working for a living.

What can we expect alongside Levelling the Land?
We've split the album into it's two vinyl sides with 4 single B-sides in the middle and finishing with a handful of more recent songs.

The wonder Stuff are joining you – How close friends are you guys?
Before the tour we knew each other to say hello to, but 10 days on the road has built much closer relations and a greater respect for each others music.

Do you think both bands will be doing long sets?
The Wonderstuff play an hour and we play 90 minutes

Can we also expect to see a bit of crossover with the bands performing together?
I think we'll have to wait and see…Wouldn't be a surprise otherwise!

Or perhaps even a bit of a duet with yourself and Erica?
I'd love to, she's a great player and almost tall enough…

Can you tell us if the Levellers are working on new material?
We have been writing and are hoping to record a new album in the Autumn 2011

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