Huw Stephens Interview

Huw Stephens Interview

Glasswerk caught up with Huw Stephens about being part of Topman Ctrl.

If you could take the hot seat in one of the shows and choose three bands, who would they be and why?
Frankie and the Heartstrings for being an energetic young guitar band with tunes, Daedelus for his crazy electronica cut ups, and Outkast because I've never seen them. That would blow my mind!

If you could pick a location to focus on, where would it be and why?
Glasgow! Any excuse to go to Scotland. There are so many cities and parts of Britain I'd like to visit and spend time in, listening and figuring out the local scene.

Are you nervous about the differences of hosting a TV show compared to a radio show?
There's no comparison really, they are very different mediums. I do my radio shows naked, for a start.

Which bands and which controller are you looking forward to seeing the most on the show?
As I write this I am excited about the next show which has Ryan Jarman from The Cribs. His band are incredible, the man himself a charming, fascinating musician. And the last show with Annie Mac will be a blast; she is an incredible DJ and one of the loveliest people in the world.

A lot of the controllers have different personalities. Has this been intentional?
Yes, I think that has been one of the best things about the show. Everyone's music taste is different; each person I think has the best music taste in the world. Each controllers taste has shone through and really come across powerfully on the series I think.

You’ve championed a lot of the bands that are on the show. Which one’s your particular favorite?

I was so exited by The Joy Formidable's appearance on the show. They are on fire right now; they are really making an impact with their songs and album, The Big Roar. And James Vincent McMorrow, raw and uncut in the Out of Control part of the show was just stunning. I've watched that about ten times so far.

It’s sponsored by Topman, so what are your favorite tastes/choices of style when it comes to fashion?
I like simplicity. I'd wear exactly the same thing every day for a month if I could.

CTRL MX sounds very much like Transmission that Channel 4 had a couple of years back. What makes CTRL MX so different?
CTRL Mx really is a collaborative effort by myself and the controller and the dedicated team who work on the show to bring brilliant new music, some from folks you've never heard of, some from familiar names, to a new audience. There's no agenda, no rules. It just has to be good.

The studio that the shows held in is unique. In what ways is it unique?
We film it at Stoke Newington International Airport in London. It isn't a real airport, but a quirky arts centre that is used for all sorts of things. Musicians have studios there, artists paint, the community uses it. The laid back and diverse nature of the building rubs off on the controllers, musicians and audience I think.

Will you be thinking of doing more fully presented TV shows by yourself in the future?

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