The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia Review

Author: Peter Dendle 

Yes step right up Zombie fans.  Whether you are new to the genre and loving it or a hardcore expert fan – this book may be for your scrutiny.

More than 200 movies are looked at here from the 30’s to the late 90’s (yes it needs an update considering how many have been made in the last decade). Obviously there is the real obvious big boys like Romero and Fulchi. There are also some nice hard to find oddities that avid fans may want to check out. But it is almost brain-bustingly bizarre to the lengths that the author has gone to find zombies in movies (Weekend at Bernies II?)

The end of the book also lists the films and helps out with those films that have various titles. This is a decent title for the sake of researching what other zombie flicks are out there. You won’t get much in the way of “making of” but you will be  provided with an outline and a rough background to each film so you at least know where it is from, who was involved, when it was released – and whether it is worth the time and effort seeking it out. And coming from a Zombie fan – this is obviously for Zombie fans – so expect a bit of leeway when it comes to script worthiness.

The books best aspect is the writing and not the visual punch. Of course horror fans might want a few more stills used, but we can’t have it all. This book is not about the visual brawn, just the Brains.

Steven Hurst

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