Columbia Pictures: Horror, Science Fiction And Fantasy Films 1928-1982

Author: Michal R. Pitts

What we get here is a Black and White A-Z of films released under all the correct and present banners from the title of the book. You might think the book would be slim as it is just the one studio covered. But then these are not small genres, and the time frame is fairly large (although we do wonder if the title is merely to reflect that 28 is the mirror of 82?). But there are well over 350 double columned pages here with images thrown in as well (which mixes poster arts and film stills).

For each entry you get main credits and fairly extensive cast lists and then a full synopsis of the film and even release and background info as well as a few critical words. So not too bad a job here! Seems the only thing missing is a rating system. Each film does range in length. Some films naturally will end up taking up more space than others.

The book doesn’t stop there though. There is also a list of serials, and short subjects and telefeatures (again all with the full info as with the features.  The books runs a-z so it’s nice to have them listen in chronological order at the end of the book at well!

The Author clearly has invested time into this book – and are is responsible for other titles on other genres and even a book on Charles Bronson’s entire filmography. This book is for those that need a library of reference material – and a decent accurate go to guide on specified genres.

Steven Hurst

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