Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years

Editor: Tony Nourmand

There are a multitude of books out there on Audrey Hepburn, Biographies, stills collections, photography, essays on her work and so on. This is undeniably part of our movie poster looks, but this book stretches far beyond that and looks particularly at design.

This includes costume designs (Hello Edith Head!) behind the scenes stills and even the press coverage Hepburn was getting on magazine covers as well as the poster designs for a small selection of her movies. It’s almost a celebration of all things related to Hepburn at the height of her popularity. The work on display here naturally like the title suggest, is selected from Hepburn’s paramount years (namely: Roman Holiday; Sabrina; Funny Face; Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Paris When It Sizzles)

This is also a book that editor Tony Nourmand has committed much written text about the star too instead of letting the images do all the talking. It is fact driven, but contextualises the era and the projects that Hepburn worked on – as well as the impact she was having though her fame as a film and fashion icon. It’s a fascinating study of a decade in the working life of one of Hollywood’s most famous starlets.

Those that fancy the technical details on the films have them provided for them at the start of each  film’s chapter. Sir Christopher Frayling also provides a forward to the book and there are several chapters by other authors that look at the various aspects of fame, fashion and style.

Steven Hurst

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