BFI Classics: Star Wars

Author: Will Brooker

Hardly a hidden gem or a forgotten classic, Star Wars is perhaps the king of all the big blockbusters. Its mythos is steeped in Japanese mythology and its conquering of the box office is now a common association with the state of the blockbuster culture today.

Will Brooker looks into the background on Lucas and the sacrifices he made in order to keep control as well as giving up his freedom to make other projects. The industry that Lucasfilm became instead was what sucked Lucas away from being what we may consider a normal film maker.

It isn’t until the second chapter that we get into the narrative of the film. Brooker draws comparisons in the camera set ups, clearly defining in text and pictures the influences that can be seen; from David Lean to Kurosawa. And it’s scary how close in comparison in the framing that Lucas comes, but then there are other areas in the film where Lucas comes into his own.

The book also makes reference to the sequels and prequels in the final chapter. Overall it perhaps seems a little on the short side, but the book is the right length for a BFI classic; it’s just a read that passes by ever so quickly. Nuggets of information and observation are duly stored.

Steven Hurst

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