Lucy Rose Interview

Lucy Rose Interview

Lucy Rose is to make her debut appearance at RockNess festival this summer; here's what she had to say about festivals, her music and the industry.

What advice would you give to fellow ‘Rocknessers’ about festivals?
– WET WIPES, JAMESONS and BEROCCA are more important than anything else!

Any tips to be a ‘Pro-festival goer’?
– WET WIPES and JAMESONS! Oh and stay away from the cheap drugs!

What 3 things can’t you live without at a festival?

What is your favourite ‘Festival Drink’?
-Berocca in Redbull with a heavy dose of Jamesons. Followed by a shot of tequila!

What is your main item of clothing for any festival?
-A hat you always need a festival hat! My favourite has to be the old school knotted hankey. I hear that's gonna be a big look this summer!

What is your favourite song and will you be playing it at the festival?
-TIGER FEET. I'm waiting for the right time to drop this one, I've been adding a different cover song to each of my London shows and have had good responses! I recently played Flume with Jack Steadman and he wants to be a part of every one I do now so I need to run it by him first!

Who are your inspirations for your music?
– Its a little cliche but I'm definitely an honest songwriter and can only put real emotion and experience into my songs they are inspired by the things around me; friends and the scrapes I get myself into are big themes in my lyrics! I would love to be able to separate myself and write to a fictional narrative but I struggle unless I really understand and experience an emotion.

Did you find it hard breaking into the music scene?
-I'm still chipping away I feel like I'm swinging a sledgehammer around in the dark!

In 3 Words, how would you describe Rockness?

What do you think will be the ‘Summer 2011’ song?

What are your plans for 2011?
-I'm playing a lot of festivals and touring to places I've never been before so I'm excited to play to new audiences and I'm doing a lot of shows with Bombay Bicycle Club to help them support the new album. I'm putting out a single in July and am having a big party at Cargo in London on July 5th you should all come!

Lucy Rose Performs at RockNess on the 12th June 2011. For more information visit this link. Glasswerk does not advocate the use of illegal substances.

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