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Laidback Luke Talks Awards, Tunes and Festivals

Philippines DJ Laidback Luke is in the UK this summer for RockNess Festival – here's what he had to say about his career so far, accolades, and plans for the future.

You were voted number 17 in the DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ list in 2010, you must have been ecstatic?
Yes I was! And although we didn't do any advertising for it and I feel it's not about being the DJ president of the world, I feel it should be about rocking every gig to the fullest I can and make and play music everyone can enjoy, I did felt a proud telling my parents I ended up in the world DJ top 20 this year. It seems they can actually grab the concept of how far I've come now.

What does 2011 hold for you?
I'm excited about 2011! I'm all set to launch two big singles with Ministry Of Sound UK and we're really aiming on a lot of radio and TV play. My newest track, featuring Wynter Gordon called 'Speak Up' will be my first single with them after 'Show Me Love'. And after that I'll have a single featuring Example. It's looking really good! Obviously I'll still keep touring my ass off and I'm very excited about my collaboration with Cream. Doing more of my Super You&Me party residences at Cream Amnesia Ibiza this summer as well as hosting my own area at Creamfields.To celebrate that, I'm puttin out a Super You&Me mix compilation CD with them soon too!

What can we expect from your set at RockNess 2011?
I always try and bring a lot of energy in my sets as well as diversity. I get bored very quickly and I love throwing curveballs at the crowd to surprise the hell out of them, ha! Obviously I'll bring the tracks I'm known for too as well as the Laidback Luke Bootleg machine. I'm always making new bootlegs as I love doing them and make proper battle weapons that work for my sets.

 Will you be staying to enjoy the whole weekend, and what are the parts of the festival are you looking forward to? 
It's a big line up! I'll need to see if I have time to stick around though. My schedule is always jam packed with touring and I'm always on some kind of deadline. I believe the RockNess festival is one out of four gigs I'm doing that weekend in the whole of Europe.

Your opening Cream in Ibiza this year at Amnesia, how does that feel?
It's fantastic and a great honour! We started working with Cream in Ibiza last year and it was a smashing success. The amount of support I get from the UK is amazing and I'm excited to do it bigger, better and more this year!

Who is your favourite artist/DJ at the moment?
I absolutely adore the DJ called Gaslamp Killer. If you don't know him, you should really google him! To me he has everything a DJ needs. An unbelievable stage performance, manic DJ techniques and a choice of very weird music that tingles my imagination.

What do you think will be the ‘Summer 2011’ song?
Good question! It's always hard to predict. I haven't heard it yet to be honest. We'll see!

What are your plans for 2011?
Lay back and enjoy the crazy rollercoster!

You have worked with some big names such as David Guetta, Steve Angelo and Axwell, what was that like?
It was great working with all of them. I really like collaborating and making new music that comes from a good connection in the studio. Rest assured there's always new stuff on the way!

What is your favourite song and will you be playing it at the festival?
My favourite song of all time is Phoenix 'Love Like Sunset'. I always imagine my whole life flashing by when I hear that song. It takes me on a trip. Unfortunately it's far from being dance music so I'd probably never play it.

Laidback Luke Performs at RockNess on the 11th June 2011. For more information visit this link

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