BFI Classics: Grey Gardens

Author: Matthew Tinkcom

The Classics series enters the world of the documentary narrative with Grey Gardens. This is a new title out in June and sees author Matthew Tinkcom take on this 1975 feature with all the relevant analysis we can come to expect from the series.

The subject is of Big and Little Edie (A mother and daughter) living in poverty by the beach, yet have given their lives over to their creative world. The author looks at the structure of the docu-drama and how it relates perhaps to more conventional film-making. The author also argues about the validation of the house itself (the title) as a character. The fashion of Little Edie is also called into question.

Aside from this being a documentary feature, what makes this book stand out is how little known this feature is, even to some heavy film buffs. This then for collectors of the series may open doors to a broader audience for the film.

Steven Hurst

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