Duke Nukem Forever Strategy Guide Review

Bradygames are it again, proving another lushly illustrated guidebook to take you from point A–Z in the new Duke Nukem Forever game.

Let’s give you a full view of what to expect from this guide. 288 full colour illustrated pages (starting of course with the contents) which lay out the map of the book. There’s an introduction which gives you a brief on how to use the guide. This is followed by ten pages devoted to the characters you can expect to find in the game. There’s a console game pad guide. You’re then given a section on each of the weapons you’ll find in the game – each tabled with power stats, speed, ammo count and even reload speed. Bradygames were also kind enough to provide screenshots of the damage these weapons can do. Bring on the gore! You’ll then get a chapter on enemies you’re likely to encounter, and helpfully the damage you can do to them.

Then comes the part us cheaters find most useful:  the entire walkthrough from prologue right up to the final 22nd chapter. Written instruction accompanied by screenshots and those oh-so-useful maps come in handy when trying to beat a game. Maps are especially useful as they also pinpoint all those hidden little secrets we crave. Not to mention stashed ammo and lurking beasties.

This takes up the bulk of the book, which at this length is fairly in depth. But games seem to be more and more about the multiplayer these days, so they’ve also been kind enough to let us in on the different gameplay modes you can select for this – again with its own relevant sections devoted to the challenges, guns and ammo, and also maps of the different areas to play in and what each map hides.

It’s a great fast and easy go-to guide which is frankly easier to use than fiddling around on IGN – I’ve had a few of these over the years and would be lost sometimes without them.  How else was I supposed to find 200 flying rats in GTA4, or navigate Bioshock 2, not to mention finding every hidden dark gothic little gem in Arkham Asylum? And I’ll do it again too!

Steven Hurst

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