Harry Potter And The Dealthy Hallows Part 2 PS3 Review

The multimedia variations of the final harry potter all come to a close now with the last look-in for the Dealthy Hallows Part 2. EA games pick up from where the previous game finished and deliver a game that follows strictly to the narrative offering budding wizards the chance to try their wands at navigating Harry and friends through to the end.

There are two modes – story and challenge. Story speaks for itself. You start at Gringot’s Bank and work your way through the narrative taking on dark arts security and bothersome beasties; destroying Horcruxes until it all comes to a close at Hogwarts where war has broken out.

Along the way you can collect different types of spell to cast, each with their own visual flair which adds a nice touch. There are also several playable characters including the main trio as well as the likes of Neville Longbottom, Professor McGonagall and Ginny Weasley.

The problem is that despite the graphics being fair, the voice cast being a bit indifferent and the pretty spectacle of the spells; the game itself is fairly dull and straight forward.  It’s a game that doesn’t have anything specifically bad about it; it just has very little that is very special either. Once you have made it through to the end you will probably have very little desire to go through it again.

On the upside, the music is very much in tune with the film series, the graphics are probably looking the best they could under the short time it took t put this game together. There are plenty challenge levels to unlock, collectables to find. Speaking of the Challenge levels, they are basically are timed levels.

So it’s a fair game for the right age group, but it is probably best enjoyed as the film is out and will probably very quickly get forgotten afterwards. But we do recommend seeing the film first as the game will obviously spoil it. But then again, most people have already read the book, so knock yourselves out.

Steven Hurst

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