FrightFest Review: Stormhouse

Set back in 2002 in gulf war era, Hayley Sands (a psychic) arrives on site at the military base to work on a top secret assignment. With her phone confiscated for the duration of her stay, and the welcoming party less than friendly, she’s not exactly off to a good start.

Turns out the military have captured a supernatural force that they keep trapped (somehow) within a fenced area. The Entity consists of flashy shimmering lights that flow in the air like a blanket of energy. Sands it seems is there to try to open communications with the life force, but within the hostile ground it seems that the group of men around her are more interested in looking at her than they are at their test subject.

It also soon becomes clear that the Entity isn’t as confined as they think: Which is where the Military naturally starts going nuts.

Interest in Stormhouse depends on how much you hinge on the unknown before the film settles into its more violent aspects later on. It is cheaply made with various no name actors. So you’ll need to be able to accept the dark look and lack of thrills early on if you are to follow through to second half where the excitement really starts to kick in.

There are some Interesting odd shots, like Sands hair standing on end and getting goose-bumps as she enters the main arena where they keep the Entity. As said, the second half starts to really ramp things up. There are some interesting ideas and concepts played with towards the finale. So certainly worth a look.

Stormhouse is screening at FrightFest on Friday 26th August at 23.30Hrs.

Steven Hurst

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