Cars 2 Lego

Cars 2 has key characters and scenes re-createded in new LEGO sets, designed to test avid LEGO and Cars fans’ build skills from ages 5+!


In preparation for the first race of the World Grand Prix in Tokyo, Japan, Lightning McQueen’s expert pit crew Luigi and Guido are fine tuning their skills at the Tokyo Pit Stop 8206 (SRP£13.49) so they can leave the other pit crews standing!

It’s race two of the World Grand Prix , this time in Porto Corsa, Italy and the racers are revving up for the ultimate driving test in the World GP Racing Rivalry set 8423 (SRP £13.49)!  Lightning McQueen is ready to take on his great Italian rival Francesco. Put the pedal to the metal to do battle in this keen battle of racing rivalry!


From the starting grid of the Tokyo stage of the World Grand Prix, Lightning McQueen is keen to show off his golden racing wheels to a crowd of excited onlookers. As Guido cheers him on from the pits, can you help Lightning McQueen race to victory in style with the Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen kit 8484 (SRP £25.99)?   …/…


Mack and Lightning McQueen are on their way to visit their friends at Radiator Springs. If only they could remember whether to turn left or right at the crossroads? Mack’s Team Truck 8486 (SRP £30.99) is packed with everything they need for their journey but can the intrepid twosome find their way without getting lost again?

’Tyred’ out and ‘exhaust-ed’, Radiator Springs is the perfect place for Lightning McQueen to relax and recharge his battery. Where better to take a load off, fill up at the gas tank, be pampered in the car wash or dine with his friends, than at Flo’s V8 Café 8487 (SRP £49.99)?

Agent Mater, Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell are trying to escape in the spy jet with the Spy Jet Escape set 8638 (SRP £45.99). As they speed down the runway, can they outrun evil Professor Z and his lemon pals?

Mater, Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell have come to the rescue of Lightning McQueen who is being held captive in Big Bentley Tower. Help the team set our racing hero loose with the action packed Big Bentley Bust Out 8639 (SRP £71.99).

Available now in leading retailers nationwide, the new LEGO Cars 2 range also includes additional sets and characters to drive your imagination wild!

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