Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar Review

Star Wars Advent Calendar

Ages: 9-14

Mini Figures: Min 10 – At least 6 characters, and at least 4 Robots

No chocolate here. This is all about the toys. It’s all about just how clever the designers are at creating really small versions of some of the most iconic Star Wars designs. This box has 24 equal sized inner boxes for you to pull open on the lead up to Christmas. Inside you will find a mini bag of Lego parts for a specific figure or ship. Assembly is relatively straight forward as the inside of the flap you break open has a one shot guide to how to assemble the piece.

There is a mix of figures, ships and even a few other random bits all relating to the Star Wars universe and the occasional seasonally treat as well inside. The amount of parts is literally relevant to the toy you get. Figures have around 4 pieces. Ships range from 7 to over 20 pieces depending on the complexness of the design. (Tie Fighter has few – X-Wing has many!).

We won’t spoil all the toys here, although many are evident on the box. But rest assured you will be pleasantly surprised about some of the iconic figures included and perhaps even more excited about the palm sized space ships from the saga.

And yes you even get Yoda in a special Xmas outfit! All other figures are more relevant to the films themselves be they pilots of creatures. You’ll also find a few droids selected from the variety available from the entire saga. Both droids and Figures you can happily add to any already purchased Lego sets that you may already own.

The ships are the real joy though in terms of the Lego building exercise. Some are fairly easy to snap together, others are a little more complex. But just looking at all of these mini-parts brings a grin to the face as how easy it is to create an iconic figure.

Stepping back – there is a nice balance between Ships and Mini-figures, and the balance between the different entries into the Star Wars saga is also fairly well balanced (Thankfully the majority of the ships are tailored after the original trilogy). So when you happen upon the Slave I or the Millennium Falcon it can really make your day. When you consider how much mini-figures normally cost compared with the price of this calendar, it’s actually great value as well (working in at just over £1 per item).

If you know a fan of the series then this is going to make for a very excitable gift to get the inner geek going – not to mention keeping them busy for 5 minutes each day on the lead up to Christmas. Why not give up chocolate for one year and have a retrospective inducing toy instead!

Steven Hurst

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