Cars 2 Tokyo Pit Stop Lego Review

Tokyo Pit Stop

Pieces: 147

Ages: 5–12

Mini Figures: None – (But two Cars included)

Price: £13.49


What’s inside

One instruction manual

One small set of stickers

Two numbered bags of Lego for each build stage.


Well this is obviously Cars 2, Pixar’s big summer release – and there is clearly no shortage of characters or set pieces.


You’ll be done with the build in half an hour. The booklet rightly starts you off with the characters. You get two cars here to build and its good fun watching them slowly shape up. And when you are done the obvious reaction is to put them on a hard surface and give them a push. Each car in this series comes with wheels and tyres to put over them giving them a bit of bounce.

You can then move on to the pit stop utensils. They are cute, but perhaps might make more sense when assed to a much larger set (And there is a Toyko International Circuit set out there).

Finished Product

The cars are the real draw here – and from what we can see there isn’t much in the way of duplication in other sets. So this is really a cheap add on set you should buy with a bigger set.

The cars are nice and solid, despite taking the multitude of the parts here- they will survive short falls without breaking. Playability for kids will be limited with this set on its own, but the cars themselves will be the big draw.

So if you are going to get this set for a kid of any size, it’s worth getting it as an addition to a larger set. And for the price this one is at it isn’t an expensive addition.

Steven Hurst

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