Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Review

Now this is something any Star Wars Lego collector is going to need. If you are wanting to get out there and collect every minor and major character in all of their Lego incarnations; then this guide will help you identify them all!

Over 200 pages long and featuring more even more mini-figures to collect – the book is split up into the various Episodes from I-VI as well as the Clone Wars and the Expanded Universe. Amazingly each episode presents characters in order of how they appear as well. So whilst you can expect to find multiple versions of say Luke Skywalker in Episode V, you won’t find them next to each other – but instead in order of how those incarnations appear in the films.

An obvious criticism is to say that the book could have presented the Mini-Figs by character instead (which to be honest if it had would just incur the argument of them not appearing by episode), but the book is small enough for you to be able to use the contents and index for that purpose.

Each character page in this full colour book presents each figure with several boxes containing info on the character details on the actual figure. There is also several other tid-bits of info including possible variants, personal info on the character and larger sets the figures appear in.

Not enough?  Well ok this book also comes with the added bonus of including a Hans Solo Decorated Hero (from Episode IV) mini figure – which is exclusive to this book! This is all the infor and treats you are even going to need on the subject.

Steven Hurst

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