Batman: Arkham City Official Map App

We will be publishing soon the full on BradyGames official guide to Arkham City (asthe Editor is a real sucker for a guided tour of any game he plays). But this news just in on the App front:

Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and BradyGames are pleased to announce the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City Official Map App, the only authorized app for Batman: Arkham City, one of this year’s most critically acclaimed games, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Rocksteady Studios. The app is now available on the iTunes App Store.

The app was developed in conjunction with Batman: Arkham City’s developer RockSteady Studios and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and contains detailed maps for every level of the game—from sprawling outdoor areas such as Amusement Mile and the Industrial District to labyrinthine indoor locations such as the Steel Mill and Subway. The maps are scrollable and zoomable, turning iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches into crime-­‐fighting gadgets that even the Caped Crusader would admire. Most importantly, this app pinpoints the location of every collectible Riddler Trophy—for both Batman and Catwoman playable characters—and reveals how to solve each of The Riddler’s Riddles. In all, the app uncovers more than 350 collectibles, each accompanied by a screenshot of the location and descriptive text to guide users to the exact spot in question. The app also contains a handy tracking feature that allows players to track which items have been located and which ones remain undiscovered. An interactive legend allows users to toggle on/off any of the collectible types and show/hide hidden or found items.


            • Explorable maps of all eight major areas in the game

• Locations of all collectibles, including:

o Riddler Trophies for Batman

o Riddler Trophies for Catwoman

o Solutions to The Riddler’s Riddles

• Collectible Tracking

The Official Batman: Arkham City Map App is now available for £1.99 On the iTunes App Store.

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