All the Saints Give Away Free Download

All the Saints Give Away Free Download

Atlanta’s All The Saints return to follow up 2009’s ‘Fire on Corridor X’ with another dose of hulking riffs and shoe-gazing grunge.

‘Intro to Fractions’, their new album, will be released on January 30th through Souterrain Transmissions (Tweak Bird, Zola Jesus, Moon Duo etc). The album’s opener ‘Half Red, Half Way’ is an anxious, propulsive rumble, never more than moments from imploding – until it actually does.

Download it for free here: link

Intro to Fractions works within simple parameters; to examine a ruminative idea over an extended duration, feverishly taunting every gradation from each texture. Suspended on the fringes are lingering melodies forged from the burgeoning tension of three men displaced within their own lives.

In the Spring of 2009, with an air of momentum surrounding a recent acquisition by Touch and Go Records, All the Saints began giving form to ideas translucent, but not transparent to what would later become Intro to Fractions. Recorded at a variety of studios across greater-Atlanta with a certain sense of nomadic pride and assistance from local stalwarts Mike Wright and Cyrus Shahmir, Intro to Fractions bestows upon the listener exactly how much more thoughtful All the Saints have become in their approach since their debut, Fire on Corridor X.

“There wasn't much room for repeating ourselves”explains singer/guitarist Matt Lambert. “You can bury your instruments, your words, in effects forever, but eventually you'll have to say something.”

While the loosely placed psychedelia the trio established on their predecessor remains, it now takes on a more focused outlook if only to forefront the core theme of Intro to Fractions: balance in an embattled identity.

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