Perfect Sense Review

Ewan McGregor teams up with his Young Adam director for a look at what may happen to us mere mortals should we be robbed of our senses.

Yes, slowly but surely individuals start to lose their sense of smell and taste and the other senses soon to follow. Each has their own repercussions on them as humans and they start to debase into almost primate like behaviour. Not only do they lose their sense, but they lose their ability to communicate with one and other and understand themselves. On one end of the scale you get severe emotional dislocation; on the other severe emotional involvement ranging from uncontrollable crying to anger outbursts.

To help us along, the film has a newly formed relationship between McGregor and eye-candy Eva Green. Both are no stranger to independent film-making and take the appropriate risks to get the material on screen.

The film as a whole though also seems to have lost its senses and can be quite hard to connect with at all times. But it is delivered as stylistically (in both visual and sound terms) as possible to get the message across. But by the end you feel it could have accomplished so much more with such a rich idea. Instead the cast and crew have gone down a more “arty” road to get there.

As far as low budget sci-fi goes, it’s one for the brain for sure. You may not be totally satisfied with the end result, but you will be satisfied you saw it for the ideas it presents.

Steven Hurst

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